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Notes 2.0- Pictures in Notes

  • Import all major image formats (.png, .gif, .jpg, .tiff, .pdf)
  • Picture Note (just a picture)
  • Notes with images
  • Position images in note text by copy/paste or Drag and Drop

NoteOrganizer 2.0

  • New "To-Do Note" note type
  • Enable note when note highlighted in Organizer
  • Notes with images
  • Wider 4- tab NoteOrganizer to accommodate new "To-Do Note" note type

Drag & Drop 2.0

  • Enable Drag and Drop in all 4 organizer tabs
  • New support of drag import of many image formats into NoteOrganizer
  • New support of drag import of many image formats into notes
  • New support of drag of image to position within note, and/or view-to-view drag/reposition in MultiView
  • New support of drag import of pic clipping

Encryption 2.0

  • Encryption 2.0 increases safety from 128-bit to 256-bit. The new industry standard AES 256 Encryption provides even more protection for any sensitive information you might like in your notes.
  • Removed passworded note  naming scheme. Passworded notes now retain the actual note name.

QuickNotes 2.0

  • QuickNotes 2.0 adds the option to create new empty notes or notes from the Clipboard.

Views 2.0

  • Basic View as Separate note.

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