About Tropical Software

Tropical Software was founded by James Lee, a former Apple employee who is also an experienced software engineer and development manager. Jim has a long history of supporting and developing insanely great software.

What is our mission?

Tropical Software creates Macintosh software that boosts the productivity of our customer's lives. Whether it is our free KitchenTimer product or our flagship TopXNotes, our goal is to bring useful software to market at a fair and resaonable price.

About Our Products

TopXNotes is a full-featured personal information manager for Mac OS X. It provides complete control over the look of your notes, including font, size, style, alignment, color, and text background color. TopXNotes can help you organize all the bits of information you collect in your life into meaningul Groups (like folders) and Categories (similar to tags) to make them easy to find when you need them. Our exclusive QuickNote™ feature makes your most frequently used notes available no matter what application you are using.

Sync Notes with Classic iPods

Tropical Software was the first developer to sync notes from the Mac to the iPod, and bringing this functionality to the iPhone andiPod Touch is a high priority for us. We are hard at work on a notes product for the iPhone that will sync up with a new version of TopXNotes (also in development).

KitchenTimer is a free product we wrote to do one thing: remind us when it is time to get up from the computer and do something else. You can use it to remind you when the roast needs to be taken out of the oven, when it is time to check the laundry, or just to tell you it is time to take a break from the computer.